Ideology to grow into my own

so I’m certain a few things,, “Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence. There’s no better rule,” Charles Dickens :Great Expectations ,,given poets are writers, NOT AUTHORS, one must write without speech in their voice. ,,stealing is stealing, alfaworldwide. And your llc is only a business, not a copywrite, fyi. ,,all the messages […]

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I need a viking

Never gave it away Never lent it Would never believe anyone wrote if I hadn’t written it myself. Gracias to WordPress for creating a platform to process authors a place to speak out about injustices in the writing where true insight of story and poem can be spoke upon is a plagiarist

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actual facts

this discerning factoid A Boyd (possible legal name change) Nicole Lyons Stephanie Bennett all thinks they’re some way alfa and how’s it possible to copywrite anything if u compiled among many a voice ..hmm Alfa haha ..why do you write with Nicole Lyons name#youre an entirely different person..she stole my poems and picture.. y get […]

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In my own accolades, I have spoke I am plagiarised by Nicole Lyons. Truth. Although I owe noone an explanation These two images are my only poems. And belong to alfa(c),,noone else,,and not for sales, credits, nor incomes I never typed alfa under another piece & nothing otherwise is original to me. I will say, […]

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Just like the Canadian coin, HERE IN the United States of America, you and your lying is UNACCEPTABLE!! #IAMALFA(C)

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